Friday, September 23, 2011

New version of phytools (v0.0-9)

I just posted a new version of the "phytools" package (version 0.0-9) to my R phylogenetics page. The package is available both as Windows binary & as source. This version includes updates to the function evol.vcv() (described here) as well as:

1. phyl.cca(): a function for phylogenetic canonical correlation analysis (Revell & Harrison 2008). This function is described here & here.

2. sim.history(): a function for simulating stochastic character histories, under some model (described here).

3. sim.rates(): a function for simulating multiple evolutionary rates for a continuous character on the tree. This function is described here.

This version is not yet available on CRAN, but can be downloaded and installed from my website. Thanks for checking it out!

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