Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bug fix for phenogram when ftype="off"

In developing an exercise recently, I discovered a small bug that was introduced into the function phenogram when I changed (in the latest phytools) version the optional argument spread.labels to default from FALSE to TRUE. This bug causes the function to crash if labels are turned off using ftype="off" under the default conditions.

Here's how it manifests using simulated tree & data:

## [1] '0.4.56'
phenogram(tree,x) ## works

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-1

phenogram(tree,x,ftype="off") ## doesn't work
## Error in optim(zz, ff, yy = yy, mo = mo, ms = ms, cost = cost, method = "L-BFGS-B", : L-BFGS-B needs finite values of 'fn'

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-1

phenogram(tree,x,ftype="off",spread.labels=FALSE) ## works

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-1

The fix is pretty easy - I just check if ftype="off" and set spread.labels=FALSE if it is. I will put this in the next version of phytools. Here's how it works:


plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-2

phenogram(tree,x,ftype="off") ## now works

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-2

OK, that's it for now.

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