Saturday, August 15, 2015

NIMBioS Evolutionary Quantitative Genetic Tutorial

It is the final day of what was once the NESCent tutorial on Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics but has since become the NIMBioS tutorial on Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics - co-organized, in all its iterations, by Joe Felsenstein & Steve Arnold. For the past four years I have been a 'guest instructor' in this program. My material for this year's edition is now finished & can be viewed online here and can be seen by clicking through for the links to Lecture 5.2: Ancestral state reconstruction, Computer Exercise 5.2: Ancestral state reconstruction and visual display of states, and Computer exercise 6.1: Threshold characters and continuous characters. Check it out! I believe video of my lecture, and the lectures of all other workshop instructors, will also be posted online at some point in the future & should be linked from the course site.

BTW, inspired by my computer exercise on threshold characters, the figure above was produced using the phytools function bmPlot. For instance:


plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-1

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