Monday, July 25, 2022

Graphing the results of stochastic mapping with >500 taxa

Earlier today, I got the following question from a phytools user:

“I have been using phytools to create stochastic character maps characterising […]. I am having a little trouble making the resulting plots readable as I have nearly 500 tips on my tree. I was wondering if you could advise me on the best route to making a legible tree. I was hoping to make the tree into a fan and remove the tip labels but have had no success so far.”

Although it is true that meaningful visualization becomes more and more difficult for larger trees, I have found that stochastic maps are relatively straightforward to plot for up to 500 tips or more, particularly if we're not concerned with showing the tip labels.

Note that we can include information about the states at the tips of the tree (for example, as shown here), or clade labels (using phytools::arc.cladelabels, for example, as shown here).

In the following code chunks, I'll demonstrate stochastic mapping on a phylogeny containing >600 taxa using a phylogeny & dataset from Ramm et al. (2019), that also features in an exercise of my upcoming book with Luke Harmon.

## first load packages
## now read data from file
## plot full tree