Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Postdoctoral position in my lab

I am hiring a postdoctoral researcher for my lab - to start on or after Aug. 1, 2011. I am particularly interested in applicants with experience studying evolutionary ecology of lizards; and/or computational methods for evolutionary biology (particularly phylogenetic methods). The initial appointment is for just one year, but we would ideally renew this appointment for multiple years (contingent on funding).

If interested, please check out the official HR job listing here. For more information about my lab, see my lab webpage. Finally, please feel free to email me to get more information about the position (or post questions of general interest to the blog).


  1. A couple of people inquired about an application deadline, as none was given in the job ad.

    The position is "open until filled" - but I will start looking at applications two weeks from the posting date of the ad (Mar. 22, yesterday).

  2. Also, please have recommendation letters sent separately from the main application if possible. Preferably, by email. (This is not obvious from the job posting.)

  3. By the way, this has been filled. Thanks for all the great applications!


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