Saturday, October 22, 2011

Small error in phylosig(), fixed

I realized today after posting the new version of phylosig() online yesterday (described here) that I had made one small error. That is, in the function call the user must assign the variable se, implying "standard errors," but in the function code I treat these as sampling variances (i.e., the square of the SE) rather than as standard errors. This has now been fixed (but please download v0.5 here), so the user can supply a (named) vector of standard errors as intended.


  1. I have been using phylosig to calculate lambda, and I have been very happy with its speed-- more than 5 times faster than fitContinuous for my data (39 taxa)! I am also glad that it eliminates the problem of occasionally inappropriate (default) bounds on beta, which I have experienced with fitContinuous.

    I am also interested in incorporating "measurement error" as you explained in an earlier post, so I would be very interested in a version of phylosig that could do this for lambda as well as K! Thanks Liam!


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