Friday, January 27, 2012

Ottawa SSB symposium

The speaker line-up for the SSB symposium I am co-organizing with Cécile Ané has been posted online on the Evolution 2012 website here.

Here are the details (with added links to speaker websites):

New phylogenetic methods for quantitative trait evolution

Organizers: Cécile Ané (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Liam J. Revell (University of Massachusetts Boston)

   · Cécile Ané (University of Wisconsin)
   · Carl Boettiger (University of California, Davis)
   · Joseph Felsenstein (University of Washington)
   · Brian C. O'Meara (University of Tennessee)
   · Liam J. Revell (University of Massachusetts)
   · Lars Schmitz (University of California, Davis)

Should be fun!

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