Thursday, April 19, 2012

Comparative methods in R workshop

Just a quick mention that Luke Harmon (University of Idaho) & Mike Alfaro (UCLA) are once again offering their very popular workshop on macroevolutionary analysis in the R environment. By all accounts this is a great course that should be of considerable interest to readers of this blog. To sweeten the deal, there are even a limited number of competitive scholarships available to defray costs of travel, room, & board for some applicants. Note that I have no direct involvement in this course.

For more information contact Luke or Mike. I have also re-posted the full course announcement below:


Macroevolution in R Short Course

We are pleased to announce an intensive short course on using R to perform comparative methods to be held in Santa Barbara on June 11th to June 15th. This course is funded by the National Science Foundation, and a number of stipends to cover or defray travel, room, and board are available to qualified students and post-docs. Topics covered will include an introduction to the R programming language, tree manipulation, independent contrasts and phylogenetic generalized least squares, ancestral state reconstruction, models of character evolution, diversification analyses, and community phylogenetic analysis. If you are interested please submit your CV along with a short (maximum 1 page) description of your research interests, background, and reasons for taking the course. Admission is competitive, and the best applications come from students with data sets to analyze. International applicants are welcome.

To apply visit this URL:

Application deadline: April 30th.

Individuals from cultural, racial, linguistic, geographic and socioeconomic backgrounds that are currently underrepresented in science are especially encouraged to apply.

Please contact the co-organizers, Michael Alfaro ( and Luke Harmon ( with any questions.


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