Monday, April 30, 2012

New Bayesian method for intraspecific variation in comparative biology

My paper with Graham Reynolds is now available "Early View" from Evolution. This paper describes a new Bayesian method to account for intraspecific variation in comparative biology and is implemented in the phytools function fitBayes. Please check it out (here)!

One relatively minor frustration is that the copy editors have substituted ·, the symbol for the dot-product (an element-wise product vector sum); for , the symbol for a Hadamard (element-wise matrix product). This was correct on the final version of the manuscript but I stupidly missed it in the proofs (to be fair, there were quite a few copy errors in that version). This probably does not merit a correction because I define the use of · in the text, and then it is consistent throughout. Still, slightly annoying. Oh well!

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