Thursday, November 29, 2012

New minor phytools version (v0.2-13)

I also just built and posted a new minor phytools version (v0.2-13). The source code can be downloaded here.

This version includes the following over the last minor release:
1. Minor bug fixes to densityMap.
2. New functions roundBranches and applyBranchLenghts (see code here).
3. Minor bug fix for rescaleSimmap to correctly handle a "multiPhylo" object.

As well as the following updates of the last major phytools release (v0.2-1):
4. Various major bug fixes to phyl.RMA.
5. New function for plotting a tree in multiple columns, splitplotTree.
6. New function for adding a tip to the tree, bind.tip.

To install, download the package source, and then:
> install.packages("phytools_0.2-13.tar.gz",type="source", repos=NULL)
* installing *source* package 'phytools' ...
** R
* DONE (phytools)

That's it!

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