Monday, May 27, 2013

Circular trees in densityMap and contMap

In an earlier post I showed how plotSimmap(...,type="fan") could be used to plot densityMap or contMap style plots using the object of class "densityMap" or "contMap" returned invisibly by each function, respectively.

Well, I have now build this directly into contMap & densityMap (and the S3 generic plot for objects of class "densityMap" and "contMap"). Check it out:

> require(phytools)
Loading required package: phytools
> packageVersion("phytools")
[1] ‘0.2.76’
> contMap(tree,x,type="fan",fsize=0.9)
> X<-densityMap(mtrees,outline=TRUE,fsize=0.9)
sorry - this might take a while; please be patient

Argh - way too cluttered. Let's try a circular tree instead!

> class(X)
[1] "densityMap"
> plot(X,type="fan",fsize=0.9,outline=TRUE)

Since these updates involved changes to a number of methods in phytools - the best bet is to update to the latest non-CRAN phytools build (phytools 0.2-76).

That's it.


  1. Hello Liam, greetings from Costa Rica
    I've been trying to run a fan tree, circular tree, with features, but as a result I get the circular tree but without the species label and I get the following error:
    Error in rep(" ", offset) : invalid 'times' argument

    I copy the tree code
    tree<- tree3
    svl<- setNames(dat[,1], row.names(dat))
    obj<-setMap(contMap(tree,svl, plot = F), invert=T)
    plot(obj,fsize=c(0.4,0.8),outline=FALSE,lwd=c(1,4),leg.txt="Digestibility (mod mix)", type="fan")

    Do you know what the problem might be? I have the latest version of R and updated all the packages
    Thank you very much.

  2. Hi Liam,

    Thank you so much for the very useful phytools package.

    I'm also having the same problem as Jorge. I can do this plot

    tip.labels=FALSE,fsize=1.5,col=cols,scale=0.004, border='lightgrey',width = 1)

    However, when I specified that I want a fan tree, it doesn't work

    tip.labels=FALSE,fsize=1.5,col=cols,scale=0.004, border='lightgrey',width = 1, type="fan")

    and throws an error:

    Error in rep(" ", offset) : invalid 'times' argument

    I have looked for this error in the internet, but I haven't found useful information for this specific case.

    Thank you so much in advance!



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