Saturday, August 10, 2013

NESCent academy "Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics" workshop

I just got back this evening from guest lecturing in a short course at NESCent on "Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics" that Joe Felsenstein and Steve Arnold have been co-teaching for the past few years. Other guest instructors included Trudy MacKay & Pat Phillips (who both came and left before I arrived), as well as Thomas Hansen & Brian O'Meara. Thomas & Brian both led terrifically interesting lectures & discussions. Josef Uyeda, a postdoc on the Harmon lab who is doing some really great comparative methods research, was the course T.A. and lectured as well. (Josef's out-of-date website is here.)

I drew the short straw (kidding) and lectured about the reconstruction of ancestral character states. The figure above is one of my lecture slides showing the likelihood surface for the two nodes above the root as well as the result of a simple hill-climbing optimization. All my lecture slides and details of the four computer labs that I gave are all here, as well as linked off the course materials page. My R tutorials were all created using knitr.

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