Sunday, August 28, 2011

Adding standard errors to evol.vcv()

I haven't done too much programming in the past week or so due (in part) to a disrupted schedule from unusual geological and metereological events of recent days (as well as due to lizards & lots of new activity in my lab); however I am presently adding the calculation of standard errors for parameter estimates to the "phytools" function evol.vcv(). This function is based on Revell & Collar (2009) and was previously described here. In addition to this, on request from Dave Collar, I am planning to next add constraint matrices to test various hypotheses about the evolutionary variance-covariance matrix using this method (for instance, that the evolutionary rates - i.e., variances - are the same in different regimes, but the covariances differ). This will be coming soon.

To all those in Irene's path or wake - stay safe & dry!

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