Saturday, August 20, 2011

"phytools" now on CRAN

The "phytools" library is now on CRAN ("phytools" CRAN page here). For most R users, that means it can be installed simply by typing:

> install.packages("phytools")

and then selecting a CRAN mirror.

Note that to install "phytools" this way, Windows users with earlier versions of R will have to upgrade to R 2.13.X; however you can still download the source or a Windows binary from the "phytools" webpage or CRAN page.


  1. CRAN stands for the Comprehensive R Archive Network.

    **When I was telling my partner Emily that I had finally submitted "phytools" to CRAN, she thought that I was saying "crayon," not "cran" (and, presumably, that I had developed a southern accent). I suppose this is one of the hazards of chasing a toddler around for half the day.

  2. Awesome! Have you considered getting this package added to the Phylogenetics taskview? I've found the taskviews to be a very easy way of keeping track of large number of libraries that must be re-installed every time I update R.

    Any advice to pass on to those us intending to put our own code in a CRAN library eventually?

  3. Good idea.

    I would also say that an easy way to deal with the above issue is to just copy all the folders from your older R library folder over to the new library folder created with your new installation. Then you can just run update.packages(). This seems to work for me (I just installed R 2.13.1 on my laptop). A more detailed description of this is here (under "Seeing where your packages are installed and copying them all at once").

    Creating a R library was not too difficult. If I get a chance, perhaps I will blog about this - starting with creating the help pages.

  4. Great! I'd look forward to hearing what you say on the matter.


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