Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Don't forget: phyloseminar tomorrow at 2PM EST

Don't forget to consider attending the phyloseminar that I am giving in collaboration with Klaus Schliep tomorrow at 2PM EST. I will be talking about the capabilities of the phytools package, and I also plan to do some simple software demonstrations. I would like to take suggestions on what functionality of phytools to demonstrate - of course, that requires that some users of the package attend the seminar! (Of course, I could always feed some questions to my grad student just in case.) Klaus will be talking about the incredible phangorn library for phylogeny inference (which I now see has a new release).

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  1. Thanks to everyone who attended. I was wishing I had a full hour, as I had several more things, including new stuff, to talk about. Oh well, I will have to blog about it instead!


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