Saturday, December 17, 2011

phytools version 0.1-5 available

I just posted a new version of phytools, version 0.1-5, on my R phylogenetics page. I have also submitted this version to CRAN so, assuming it is expected, it should percolate through the mirrored repositories over the coming days. This version of the phytools library contains all the new functions and updates documented in recent posts; and in addition it includes the new function for Bayesian comparative analyses called fitBayes(). I will write a post about this function and method in the near future. Check it out, and remember, feedback (positive or negative) is always welcome.

In addition, if you have trouble with version 0.1-5 and want to try either 0.1-3 or 0.1-4, you can find them online just by typing (modify as appropriate) into your address bar.

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