Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New version of phytools (v 0.1-8) on CRAN

The newest version of phytools (0.1-8) is now available on CRAN. Check out the phytools CRAN page here. It usually takes a couple of days for a new package version to percolate through all the CRAN mirrors.

Updates in this version (over the previous CRAN release) include:

1. A new version of read.simmap that can read SIMMAP version 1.5 tree files.

2. A new version of ltt to simultaneously create lineage-through-time plots (and compute γ) for multiple trees.

3. A bug fix in fitBayes.

4. A new version of treeSlice that returns trivial as well as non-trivial subtrees.

5. New functions getExtant and getExtinct which return a list of the tip names of all the extant species (or its complement).


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