Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cool use of densityMap and contMap (& in the same figure!)

I just learned of this recent article by Ryan Ellingson et al. which makes very neat use of the phytools functions densityMap and contMap for plotting a posterior density from stochastic mapping on a tree, and for mapping a continuous character on the tree (respectively). See Revell (2013) for more details. Below is a reproduction of their figure. On the left is a posterior density from stochastic mapping of 'benthic' vs. 'infaunal' habit; whereas on the right is a projection of the observed or reconstructed values of a continuous character, relative eye size. For more details see the original article, Ellingson et al. (2013).

Click here for larger version.

**Disclaimer: neither densityMap nor contMap can be used (directly) to add tiny line images of fishes to your tree!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Liam! In retrospect, it looks like I must have been at least subliminally inspired by your blog background.


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