Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New option in fancyTree to plot tree pruning

I just added the code snippet from yesterday as a additional option to the phytools function fancyTree (previously described here, here, and here). A link to the source code for the new function is here.

Now, fancyTree, which is the function into which I'm dropping my efforts to make it easier for R phylogenetics users to plot various types of specialized phylogenies, has three different options (specified by the option type):

1) type="extinction": this method, described here, plots branches leading only to extinct taxa, and branches before the MRCA of all extant species in the tree, using red dashed lines (whereas all the other branches are plotted in black). For example:
> set.seed(10)
> tree<-rlineage(1,0.5,4)
> fancyTree(tree,type="extinction")

2) type="traitgram3d": this method, described here, uses phytools::phylomorphospace3d to plot a three dimensional 'traitgram'. For instance:
> tree<-pbtree(n=50,scale=10)
> Y<-sim.corrs(tree,vcv=matrix(c(1,0.75,0.75,1),2,2))
> fancyTree(tree,type="traitgram3d",X=Y, control=list(spin=FALSE))

3) Finally, the newest addition, type="droptip": this method takes the tree and set of tips to drop, and then plots the branches to be pruned in a separate color. Finally, it returns the pruned tree. For instance:
> tree<-pbtree(n=30)
> tips<-sample(tree$tip.label)[1:10]
> pruned<-fancyTree(tree,type="droptip",tip=tips)

I have added this new version of fancyTree to phytools. The new package version (v0.1-97), which can be downloaded and installed from source, is here.
> install.packages("phytools_0.1-97.tar.gz",type="source", repos=NULL)
Installing package(s) into ...
* DONE (phytools)
> library(phytools)


  1. I forgot to mention that "type" can now be specified with an incomplete match to any of the options (e.g., "extinct" instead of "extinction"; and "drop" or even "d" instead of "droptip"). I will describe how I did this in a separate post, I think.

  2. I also realized that method (3) does not work for non-ultrametric trees. This is now fixed (described here).


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