Tuesday, October 2, 2012

xkcd tree plot: part III

There have been some complaints that my lines are too straight. How about this:

(With the caveat that there is also user control over the degree and frequency of waver if this is too scribbly.)

For some background on this blog post (for those stumbling on it in isolation) see part I and part II.

Now I should probably go do some "real" work. . . .


  1. Can you please add a "drunk = T" parameter?

    1. Maybe a bac (blood alcohol content) parameter to determine waviness?

      bac < 0.05, straight.
      0.05 < bac < 0.1 slight wave
      0.1 < bac < 0.15 moderate wave
      0.15 < bac < 0.2 significant wave
      0.2 < bac < 0.3 extreme wave
      bac > 0.3 aka "Tennessee butt chugging level", wtf do those lines mean?

    2. Should have an option to replace the background with a stained bar napkin.

  2. Huge props to the first person who publishes a figure in a paper using this!!!!

  3. If anyone is interested in taking this to the ggplot side of things, I've done some work on a slightly unfinished (but usable, nonetheless) package for phylogenies in ggplot: https://github.com/gjuggler/ggphylo

    I haven't worked on the code for ages now, but I'd be happy to help in the name of xkcd goodness. =)

  4. Hey Liam,

    Is there code available to do this??? I would love to include a figure like this in a presentation i am giving.

    if you don't mind passing it on, that would be great.



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