Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New version of phytools submitted to CRAN

I just submitted a new version of 'phytools' to CRAN (v0.1-9). I will be traveling to NESCent this Friday to participate in the Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics Workshop as a guest instructor. Since part of my guest instruction is a computer lab using phytools (and other R phylogenetics packages), hopefully this latest version will have been approved by CRAN and percolated through the mirrors by Saturday, the day of my lecture. In the interim, it is of course possible to download the source of this release from the phytools website. The image in the upper right-hand side of this post, by the away, is the icon for the so-called NESCent Academy, sponsor of the aforementioned workshop.

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  1. OK, phytools 0.1-9 now on CRAN (phytools CRAN page here). Will take a couple of days for the Windows and Mac OS binaries and to percolate through the mirrored repositories.


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