Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Modern Phylogenetic Comparative Methods book now available

László Garamszegi's new edited volume, Modern Phylogenetic Comparative Methods (and their application in evolutionary biology) is now out from Springer and it looks great! Check out the book's website for titles & abstracts of the over 20 chapters in this 500+ page volume.

My chapter, Graphical Methods for Visualizing Comparative Data on Phylogenies (chapter 4), focuses on the wide range of plotting methods for phylogenies and comparative data that are now available in the phytools package. I encourage you to consider buying the book as I anticipate that all chapters will be worth looking at; however you don't need to buy the book in order to read my chapter as I have already posted the PDF on my website. (This has been done with, to my surprise, permission of the publisher.)

The picture below is a screen grab of Figure 4.9 of the chapter, demonstrating a 'phylogenetic scatterplot matrix' - one of the many plotting tools that I highlight in the chapter.

The book website also features information about a symposium that is being organized this fall in Seville, Spain that I am also planning to attend. More info on that later.

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