Friday, August 8, 2014

Live-streaming lectures today on phylogenetic comparative methods

I'm currently participating (for the third time) in a workshop entitled Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics, co-organized by Joe Felsenstein and Steve Arnold. In the past, this workshop has been hosted by NESCent, in Durham NC; however this year the course is at NIMBioS - the National Institute for Mathematical & Biological Synthesis at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

This year all of the course lectures and exercises are being live-streamed on the web. I think they will also be posted after the course has completed. Today Marguerite Butler is presently lecturing about OU models; Josef Uyeda will be talking after lunch linking micro- and macroevolution with phylogenetic comparative methods; finally, later in the afternoon I will be giving a lecture and leading a computer exercise on ancestral state reconstruction. A link to the full schedule is here. The live-stream can be accessed here. (You have to register to get access, but it is super easy & fast.)

Sorry for the late notice - but check it out!

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